Tony and cherie

tony and cherie

  • By:Paul Scott
  • ISBN:0330440063
  • Publication Type: Pan Books
  • Category: Biography/Autobiography/Memoirs
  • Condition:Like New
  • No Of Pages:307
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  • Release Date:1st Jul 2007
  • Price:Rs 500.00
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Going behind the political spin to show the human reality of life in Downing Street for Tony and Cherie, this book draws on new information from well-placed sources to reveal how the Blairs reacted to major events like the deaths of Diana and the Queen Mother, 9/11, the war on Iraq, the suicide of David Kelly and the July bombings. We discover the truth about their strange relationship with 'lifestyle guru' Carole Caplin, who has embroiled them in controversy (including the devastating scandal dubbed Cheriegate). For the first time we see them navigating awkward visits to Balmoral, where Cherie is snubbed by Princess Anne and forced to participate in the Queen Mother's drunken tea party. We learn about their rapport with the Clintons, the horrors of socialising with the Bushes on their ranch in Texas - and the time Cherie was spied on in the shower by the Chinese government. We also have insights into the backstabbing and rivalry within the Blair court, and the enmity with Gordon Brown and his camp. We see Cherie's influence behind the scenes, and her hopes of a political role - and the problems her position causes her. Funny and revealing, the book also shows how the First Couple (and New Labour) have been seduced by riches and glamour, creating an image for themselves that has come to entrap them.

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