The Romance of the Rose (OUP)

The Romance of the Rose (OUP)

  • By:Guillaume (de Lorris)
  • ISBN:0192839489
  • Publication Type: Oxford University Press
  • Category: Classics
  • Condition:Very Good
  • No Of Pages:350
  • Specification:Pb
  • Release Date:1st Jan 1999
  • Price:Rs 400.00
  • Price
  • Rs400.00



This is a new translation of The Romance of the Rose, an allegorical account of the progress of a courtly love affair which became the most popular and influential of all medieval romances. In the hands of Jean de Meun, who continued de Lorris's work, it assumed vast proportions and embraced almost every aspect of medieval life from predestination and optics, to the Franciscan controversy and the right way to deal with premature hair-loss.

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