The Scavenger's Tale

The Scavenger's Tale

  • By:Rachel Anderson
  • ISBN:0192750224
  • Publication Type:
  • Category: Classics
  • Condition:Very Good
  • No Of Pages:144
  • Specification:Pb
  • Release Date:1st Jun 2000
  • Price:Rs 250.00
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  • Rs250.00



It is 2015, after the Great Conflagration, and London has become a tourist sight for people from all over the world, coming to visit the historic Heritage Centres. These are out of bounds to people like Bedford and his sister who live in an Unapproved Temporary Dwelling and have to scavenge from skips and bins just to stay alive. Bedford begins to notice something odd about the tourists: when they arrive in the city, they are desperately ill, but when they leave they seem to have been miraculously cured. And then the Dysfuncs start disappearing. It is only when a stranger appears, terribly injured, that Bedford begins to put two and two together . . . Rachel Anderson is a previous winner of the Guardian Children's Fiction Award.

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