The Tempest

The Tempest

  • By:Trevor R. Griffiths
  • ISBN:9781137210920
  • Publication Type: Palgrave MacMillan
  • Category: Classics
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  • Release Date:22nd Mar 2007
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How might the storm be staged for a performance of The Tempest? What do Caliban and Ariel look like? How might the speaking of significantly placed lines potentially affect our enjoyment of the play? The extended commentary at the heart of this Handbook helps readers to see and hear The Tempest as they read, and explore its theatrical potential in terms of such staging challenges. The Handbook also includes:- sections that discuss the play's text and early performances, and the theatrical and cultural context in which it was created- quotations from original documents and a wide variety of responses from later critics which allow the reader direct access to contemporary thought and to developments in critical assessments of the play- coverage of key theatrical interpretations by figures such as Charles Kean, Beerbohm Tree, John Gielgud, Patrick Stewart and Simon Sussell Beale- exploration of major film productions including Forbidden Planet, Prospero's Books and Derek Jarman's Tempest.This Handbook is a stimulating resource, as well as an excellent guide to the 'rich and strange' life of one of Shakespeare's most enigmatic plays.

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