Tom Brown's School Days

Tom Brown's School Days

  • By:Thomas Hughes
  • ISBN:1486150551
  • Publication Type: Tebbo
  • Category: Classics
  • Condition:Good
  • No Of Pages:118
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  • Release Date:1st Jan 1974
  • Price:Rs 250.00
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  • Rs250.00

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This book is about the life and coming of age of a young wealthy English boy, who goes to school at Rugby. Throughout the novel, we are witnesses to the growing up of Tom and his friends. Tom is not a model boy, but rough, virile and self-confident, as is his friend East, a smart and audacious guy. The story is funny and entertaining, and is also illustrative about life in the English boarding schools (for affluent people) in the XIX century. It is also a bildungsroman, that is, the story of the education and maturation of a young person. Although the story contains carefully hidden, and sometimes easily identifiable, morals, it is not a long lecture. It is easy to read and understand, and I consider it highly recommendable. This is one of my favorite books. Hughes, the author, developes a wonderful atmosphere in this story, you feel as if you are in this 19th century English boarding school with Tom. You taste, smell, and hear the experiences in this book. It is educational about what life was like at that time in England for a boy like Tom. But it is the plot that endears this classic to me. Tom is a rough and tumble lad who cares little about character and education. This book is about a young carefree boy who matures into a young man who has a deep faith in Jesus Christ. I recommend this book to anyone.

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