The kama sutra

the kama sutra

  • By:Mallanaga Vatsyayana, Sir Richard Burton (tr.)
  • ISBN:9780141198026
  • Publication Type: Penguin
  • Category: Classics
  • Condition:Acceptable
  • No Of Pages:200
  • Specification:Book bears a cut but binding is firm and all pages intact.
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  • Price:Rs 550.00
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  • Rs550.00

    Book bears a cut but binding is firm and all pages intact.


Sir Richard Burton's translation of this ancient Hindu text brought the Western reader new insights into the Indian civilization of 1,700 years ago. A major work of philosophy and sexology, the Kama Sutra is considered to be the classic guide to sexual fulfilment, although many of its practices are particular to the social codes of ancient India. Through its frank, outspoken discussion of sexual relationships and lovemaking, the Kama Sutra not only influenced the society in which it was written but has enlightened future generations as to the structure and nature of that society. Burton's translation, which first appeared in 1883, was republished in the 1960s, itself a time of sexual liberation, and was celebrated as a literary event of the highest importance. Written with unassuming candour, the Kama Sutra remains one of the most readable and enjoyable of all the classics of antiquity.

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