The low cholesterol diet

the low cholesterol diet

  • By:Christine France
  • ISBN:9781840387155
  • Publication Type: Hermes House
  • Category: Cooking
  • Condition:Very Good
  • No Of Pages:160
  • Specification:
  • Release Date:3rd Jan 1994
  • Price:Rs 380.00
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  • Rs380.00


This book is filled with healthy recipes and tips on how to reduce your cholesterol. When writing this book our main target was to help you to reduce your cholesterol naturally and not "torturing" you and your body with classic weight losing diet. Moreover cholesterol is not about limiting your meal; it's about replacement of fats with healthy food products and changing your lifestyle. Reducing cholesterol naturally requires a complex approach to what you eat and do in your everyday life. The book will help and guide you through this process and will provide you with useful tips and diet recipes that will help you to decrease the level of cholesterol in your blood and simply become a healthy person. And as the ancient Roman poet Juvenal once said, Mens sana in corpora sano or "A sound mind in a sound body." Hope this book will be helpful and valuable in shaping your future healthy life. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

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