Free fall

free fall

  • By:John Francome
  • ISBN:0755326954
  • Publication Type: Headline
  • Category: Fiction
  • Condition:Very Good
  • No Of Pages:474
  • Specification:
  • Release Date:1st Apr 2006
  • Price:Rs 510.00
  • Price
  • Rs510.00


Jockey Pat Vincent has ambitions to become a wealthy sporting hero. But he knows his dreams will never be fulfilled so he's devised a brilliant new scam which, if he doesn't get caught, is guaranteed to make him rich. Pat's girlfriend Zoe is starting her second full season as an apprentice jockey. She has a chance of becoming champion apprentice, if she's not sidetracked by the disaster of her sister Harriet's unhappy marriage... Along the cliffs in Somerset a man walks his dog. Every day Andy Burns - Pat's partner-in-crime, Harriet's tortured husband - wrestles with his demons. But Andy would be better off keeping his thoughts on the ground - it's a long way down to the beach below.

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