The oxford history of the french revolution

the oxford history of the french revolution

  • By:William Doyle
  • ISBN:9780192852212
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draws on the generation of unprecedented research and scholarly debate to reappraise the greatest of all revolutions, and its impact on France and Europe. Opening with the accession of Louis XVI in 1774, it traces the history of France through revolution, terror, and counter-terror, to the triumph of Napolean in 1802, and analyses the impact of events in France upon the rest of Europe. William Doyle shows how a movement which began with optimism and general enthusiasm soon became a tragedy, not only for the ruling orders, but for the millions of ordinary people all over Europe whose lives were disrupted by religious upheaval, and civil and international war. It was they who paid the price for the destruction of the old political order and the struggle to establish a new one, based on liberty and revolution, in the face of widespread indifference and hostility. Highly readable and meticulously researched, The Oxford History of the French Revolution will provide new insights into one of the most important events in European history.

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