Ungrateful daughters

ungrateful daughters

  • By:Maureen Waller
  • ISBN:9780340826140
  • Publication Type: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
  • Category: History
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  • No Of Pages:454
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  • Release Date:1st Jul 2002
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Acclaimed historian Maureen Waller recreates the late Stuart era, in a compelling narrative that highlights the influence of three women in one of the most momentous events in our history: a palace coup that changed the face of the monarchy and signalled the end of a dynasty. In 1688, seven prominent men invited William of Orange - James' nephew and son-in-law - to intervene in English affairs. But it was the women, Queen Mary Beatrice and her stepdaughters Mary and Anne, who played a key role in this drama. Jealous and resentful, Anne had written malicious letters to her sister Mary, implying that the Queen's pregnancy was a hoax, a Catholic plot to deny Mary her rightful inheritance!

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