Droll Stories vol 1

Droll Stories vol 1

  • By:Honoré de Balzac
  • ISBN:1419116959
  • Publication Type: Kessinger Pub Co
  • Category: Short Stories
  • Condition:Good
  • No Of Pages:255
  • Specification:pb pages brown
  • Release Date:30th Jun 2004
  • Price:Rs 210.00
  • Price
  • Rs210.00

    pb pages brown


The Frenchman jumped off the horse, and entered the house with the Venetian cavalier, accepting his supper. They both seated themselves at the table. The Frenchman fought so well with his jaws, he twisted the morsels with so much agility, that he showed herself equally learned in suppers, and showed it again in dexterously draining the wine flasks without his eye becoming dimmed or his understanding affected. Then you may be sure that the Venetian thought to himself he had fallen in with a fine son of Adam, sprung from the right side and the wrong one. While they were drinking together, the Venetian endeavoured to find some joint through which to sound the secret depths of his friend's cogitations.

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