How to breathe underwater

how to breathe underwater

  • By:Julie Orringer
  • ISBN:9780141015088
  • Publication Type: Penguin Uk
  • Category: Short Stories
  • Condition:Very Good
  • No Of Pages:226
  • Specification:
  • Release Date:1st Feb 2009
  • Price:Rs 320.00
  • Price
  • Rs320.00


In her dazzling first book Julie Orringer dives into the private world of childhood and immerses us in its fears and longings: the jealous friendships and the bitter sibling battles; the parents that row and the boys that won't dance with you. Then, in a voice that is equally tender and compassionate, she reminds us of those rare, exhilarating moments of victory. 'Unbelievably good: the humiliations and cruelties and passions of childhood, sparkling fresh prose, a writer with a big heart and an acute sense of the small things that loom large in our lives'

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