Olive and the dreadful plogre (urdu)

olive and the dreadful plogre (urdu)

  • By:Nusser Sayeed
  • ISBN:978-969-9748-07-3
  • Publication Type: Markings
  • Category: Urdu Books
  • Condition:Brand New
  • No Of Pages:25
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  • Release Date:20th Sep 2018
  • Price:Rs 795.00
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  • Rs795.00


When Dibby the Dolphin almost choked on a plastic bottle cap, thinking it was squid, his favourite food, Olive the turtle was worried and didn't sleep well that night. Little did he know that the next day he himself would get entangled in a plastic sack and almost lose his life. Luckily, for Olive, four kind fishermen, out in their boat saw Olive struggling and helped him. The story 'Olive and the Dreadful Plogre' inspired by a true incident addresses the catastrophic impact that plastic garbage is posing to the health of marine animals. While the story highlights a serious threat to the environment caused by irresponsible humans, it also highlights the kindness of the fishermen and much to the readers delight, the story ends on a happy note. Great for both family reading and classroom sharing.

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