The Motivated Mind

The Motivated Mind

  • By:Raj Persaud
  • ISBN:9780553818963
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  • Release Date:31st Oct 2011
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- Do you make New Year resolutions? Almost everyone does, because we want to achieve positive personal change. But did you know that most resolutions are repeated five years in a row, and that the vast majority are broken by June. - Have you ever dieted? Yet if diets work, why do we need so many, and new ones all the time? The evidence shows that we persist in buying diet books and following fitness fads because we want to believe the new approach will be the one that works... Today, we seem to be obsessed with advantage and disadvantage, fairness and the level playing field, without realizing that in life, the ability to overcome obstacles is a key part of any success strategy - as is our inner drive and motivation. In The Motivated Mind, award-winning author and psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud investigates the latest research on this fascinating subject - and he comes to some surprising conclusions. Complete with fascinating case studies, The Motivated Mind offers fresh & inspiring insights into understanding the key to success - the key to fulfilling your dream.

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