Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali

Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali

  • By:Dennis O'Neil
  • ISBN:1401228410
  • Publication Type: Dc Comics
  • Category: *Vintage Comics
  • Condition:Good
  • No Of Pages:96
  • Specification:This copy has the Whitman Logo
  • Release Date:1st Jan 1978
  • Price:Rs 60,000.00
  • Price
  • Rs60,000.00

    This copy has the Whitman Logo


Two legendary figures meet for the first time in this spectacular adventure, as an alien race called the Scrubb demand that Earth's greatest champion battle their world's own greatest fighter. Both Superman and Muhammad Ali step forward -- and to determine who is truly Earth's greatest fighter, Superman temporarily loses his powers and faces Ali in the ring. Ultimately, the duo must work together to defeat the Scrubb, with Ali taking on their champion while Superman battles their space-armada. Features previously unpublished developmental artwork and other bonus features, at DC's Deluxe Edition trim size.

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M. made a post.
2018-09-04 06:30:08

Haha I can buy this in just 139 Dollars at Amazon with a Whitman Logo

Shahzeb made a post.
2021-10-06 01:10:15

The price is insane...