The Honorary Consul

The Honorary Consul

  • By:Graham Greene
  • ISBN:0684871254
  • Publication Type: Simon And Schuster
  • Category: Classics
  • Condition:Good
  • No Of Pages:283
  • Specification:hb
  • Release Date:1st Jan 2000
  • Price:Rs 200.00
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  • Price
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In the men and women who surround Plarr -- Clara, who has moved from the brothel to Charley Fortnum's bedroom; Father Rivas, the revolutionary priest who dominates those near him, despite his unsanctified marriage and belief in political terror; Saavedra, the Argentinean novelist, whose work lugubriously mirrors the world around him; Aquino, the poet-turned-revolutionary; Colonel Perez, the cheerfully efficient chief of police -- Graham Greene has created a world peculiarly his own. It is a world illuminated by that special passion for the complexities of love, faith, compassion, and betrayal that lies at the very heart of his work.

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