A history of english speaking peoples 4 volumes

a history of english speaking peoples 4 volumes

  • By:Winston Churchill
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  • Category: History
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  • No Of Pages:1600
  • Specification:Vol. 1 hardcover, rest of the volumes in PB, Original, clean text.
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  • Rs4,440.00

    Vol. 1 hardcover, rest of the volumes in PB, Original, clean text.


? ? A HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLES: CHURCHILL - 4 Volumes ? ? Volume I: The Birth of Britain. Hardcover, ?541pages, vintage. ? Volume II: The New World. Paperback, Ex-Stock, ?355pages. ? Volume III: The Age of Revolution. Paperback, Ex-Stock, ?343pages. ? Volume IV: The Great Democracies. Paperback, Ex-Stock, ?333pages. ? Price: 3700/- ?? Here is one of the great books of our age, Winston Churchill's most ambitious work and the crowning achievement of his career. His theme is a noble one, worthy of the great purpose and imaginative scope of its author: 'Back in the mists of time on that little Anglo-Saxon island there was kindled the flame of freedom and equality for the individual. This idea grew and was spread over the earth by the English-speaking peoples, and has now brought democracy to the whole free world, and become the shining hope of the future of mankind.' He tells of the struggles and setbacks of the great men and the little men who carried the banner forward and the selfish men who dragged it back. But there is no mistaking the drive of the swelling tide. This is naturally a British history, but it is also very much an American, Canadian, New Zealand, Australian, Indian, South African history, the greatest story of our centuries told by the master storyteller of our time." (inside front flap) "This book does not seek to rival the works of professional historians. It aims rather to present a personal view on the processes whereby English-speaking peoples throughout the world have achieved their distinctive position and character. I write about the things in our past that appear significant to me and I do so as one not without some experience of historical and violent events in our own time. I use the term 'English-speaking peoples' because there is no other that applies both to the inhabitants of the British Isles and to those independent nations who derive their beginnings, their speech, and many of their institutions from England, and who now preserve, nourish, and develop them in their own ways." (Winston S. Churchill, from preface to v. 1)

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