I funny tv: a middle school story

i funny tv: a middle school story

  • By:James Patterson
  • ISBN:9780316301091
  • Publication Type: Little Brown
  • Category: Humour
  • Condition:Like New
  • No Of Pages:311
  • Specification:Hard cover.
  • Release Date:14th Dec 2015
  • Price:Rs 650.00
  • Price
  • Rs650.00

    Hard cover.


I'M JAMIE GRIMM, AND... I'M GOING TO BE ON TV!!! You heard that right! I'm gerting my very own TV show, based on the funny parts of my life. Sounds awesome, right? There's just one little problem . . . my small-town middle-school life isn't exactly a barrel of laughs to the slick Hollywood types who are desperate for a hit show. They have their own ideas about what's funny, and I'm not it.

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