The wicked wit of oscar wilde centenary edition

the wicked wit of oscar wilde centenary edition

  • By:Maria Leach (Editor), Oscar Wilde
  • ISBN:9789949125159
  • Publication Type: -
  • Category: Humour
  • Condition:Like New
  • No Of Pages:182
  • Specification:Hardcover with dustcover
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  • Price:Rs 845.00
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  • Rs845.00

    Hardcover with dustcover


"I could deny myself the pleasure of speaking, but not deprive others of the pleasure of listening." In Oscar Wilde's life, it's only the knowledge that everyone else is vastly inferior to you, and that's a feeling I've always deepened in myself. It's extremely vulgar to talk about an "extraordinary rocket" official thing. Only stockbrokers do this, and only at the lunch table. "How important it is to be serious" When it comes to today's journalism, it's not up to me to defend it. It justifies its existence with the help of the great Darwin principle: the most vulgar survive. "Critic as an artist" All women become like their mother. This is their tragedy. No man does. This is their tragedy. "Insignificant woman" It is pleasant to know that you are expected, and not to go away. "The Perfect Husband" Wagner's music I love above all else. It's so loud that you can talk about the whole show without others hearing your words. "Portrait of Dorian Gray"

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