The death of common sense

the death of common sense

  • By:Philip K. Howard
  • ISBN:0 446 67228 9
  • Publication Type: Warner Books
  • Category: Law
  • Condition:Very Good
  • No Of Pages:213
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  • Price:Rs 350.00
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America is drowning: in law, legality, bureaucratic process. Abandoning our common sense and individual sense of responsibility, we live in terror of the law, in awe of procedure, at war with one another. Philip K. Howard has written the explosive manifesto for liberation – one of the most talked about sociopolitical treatises of our time. Citing dozens of examples of bureaucratic overkill – everything from the labeling of window cleaner as a toxic substance to the U.S. Department of Defense spending $2 billion on travel and $2.2 billion processing the paperwork for that travel – The Death of Common Sense shows how far we have wandered, how we got into this mess, and how we can – and must – get out.

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